Crystal RichterAs a music educator, I provide an individualized program based on each student’s skills, success in practicing, and learning preferences. I strive to cultivate a positive and enthusiastic environment for growth and understanding of different styles of music. In addition to traditional 1 on 1 instruction, I make music fun and relevant for students by incorporating a progressive approach with the use of computer labs and the opportunity forstudents to borrow recordings and materials they may not otherwise be exposed to.

I strive to learn the latest in pedagogy and stay abreast of the latest information regarding piano, organ and vocal music by attending professional workshops, seminars and conventions.

As a professional musician, I am currently on the staff of a church where I have all the duties of organist / pianist. I am also Director of an adult handbell choir, and direct children’s music. In the community I participate in piano ensembles, accompany and sing in various choirs and have had the exciting opportunity to travel to different parts of the world as a musician. Additionally, I am an active member in the professional music organizations listed below.